Having the support of a psychologist-coach during the fertility process can help to live each phase of the treatment in a much healthier and adaptive way. The psychologist-coach teaches us to manage different emotions (anger, anxiety, apathy) that stem from uncertainty about the treatment’s outcome.

What benefits can the support of a psychologist-coach bring me?

Provide the tools to make decisions and solve the problems that may arise.

  • Learning to manage uncertainty and encourage perseverance, motivation and determination during the process.
  • Intervene and teach to deal with conflicts that may arise with your partner or other family members due to stress.
  • Learning to live with fears, insecurities, doubts and all the emotions that may arise during the process.
  • Deal effectively with peer pressure and the detrimental effect that the different circles of friends or family can have on you, and to build and strengthen positive relationships and habits.
  • Adopt the tools needed in order to learn to relax and relieve stress . It has been shown that the use of relaxation techniques, meditation and breathing favors gestation.
  • Build self-confidence and sense of self-worth.

Who can benefit from the psychologist-coach during the process of fertility?

All women and couples who begin a treatment of reproduction in Fertilab can benefit from the emotional and psychological learning due to its nature as a support tool. Moreover, this support, as a method of prevention and training, also can significantly improve the welfare and life quality.


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