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Pregnancy and childbirth guarantee programes, Egg freezing, IVF, Egg donation treatments.

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To be parents is easier than you thought. Discover it!

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If you have decided to become a mother by your own, welcome!

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If your partner is another woman, your pregnancy awaits you!

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We can help you decide when is the ideal time to have children.



Together will make it possible

Over 25 years of experience. We offer a wide variety of assisted reproduction treatments, focused and personalized to each case, with a success rate of 9 out of 10 patients. These are some reasons why choosing us will be your best option.



The bests results from the first attempt

We apply the most advanced technology to the service of our patients. Currently, we are pioneers in the implantation of Embryoscope+, without a doubt, the best incubator in the world. In addition, we have our own bank of semen and ovules, which allows us to control the entire process.


% cumulative birth rate per cycle

Egg donation


Fertilab Barcelona


Spanish Fertility Society national average

Cumulative pregnancy rate

IVF with own eggs


Fertilab Barcelona


Spanish Fertility Society national average

Cumulative pregnancy rate

We build quality and trusted relationships

Each patient and each couple is unique and special, that’s why we put at your disposal our experts who will study your case and solve any doubt that may arise.

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Why Barcelona

Barcelona has played an important role in the development and research of assisted reproduction medicine. Here reside eminences in the subject and the level of the clinics is very high. Besides this, Barcelona is an ideal city to spend a few days enjoying its culture, gastronomy, climate and much more


The reception is oocyte assisted reproduction technique in which the female gamete (egg) is contributed by a different woman who will receive the embryo.

The fertilization in Vitro (IVF) is the technique of assisted reproduction in which the union of the ovules and the sperm occurs in the laboratory…

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IVF cost Barcelona

In our clinic you will find the best IVF cost in Barcelona as well as a team of specialists with a long career. We will attend your case in a personalized and close way. We know that having a child is a path that is not easy and that is why we want to be there to help you achieve it. We guarantee the best results with fewer attempts.

We occupy a prominent place as an egg donation clinic in Barcelona for several reasons. One of the most important, among the most valued by our patients, is the personalization of medical care. We cannot ignore that a good diagnosis added to a personalized treatment are two key aspects for the treatment to end successfully. It is key that the people who come to our clinic sit in a comfortable environment and in the best hands. With that purpose we work day by day.


All details about the IVF cost in Barcelona

People from our borders travel to our center because they know that many times the IVF cost in Spain is more affordable. They also know that in Fertilab we have a success rate above the national average. We achieved 75% pregnancy rates with blastocyst transfer in a single attempt.

We put all our professional experience and the most avant-garde technology at the service of each patient who puts their trust in us. A good example of our constant spirit of innovation is that we are pioneers in the implantation of Embryoscope + in Barcelona, the best incubator that today there is in the world. In addition to the best price of IVF in Barcelona, we have our own bank of semen and ovules to control the whole process in treatments with donors and always guarantee the best results. 9 out of 10 patients achieve their dream in Fertilab Barcelona.