Guaranteed Blastocysts programme

Comfort and results from the first attempt

What is it?

Better results than conventional egg donation treatments.
The most honest way to reach your dream.

The transfer of cryopreserved embryos in the blastocyst stage is the treatment that ensures the highest probability of pregnancy by single embryo transfer, which means greater comfort for our patients. It’s a cutting-edge plan that offers a greater guarantee of becoming a mother (due to a more comfortable treatment plan).

Why is our guaranteed blastocyst programme better than conventional egg donation treatments?

· Less anxiety and better results. Don’t worry, we guarantee a minimum number of blastocysts. Otherwise, we’ll perform a new cycle at no extra cost.
· Success rate: 78,1% birth rate per cycle.
· Only 1 or 2 visits to the clinic are needed.
· IVF is carried out in the laboratory using fresh eggs.
· It includes embryo culture with Embryoscope+ and state-of-the-art technology throughout the whole process.

Why is this guaranteed blastocyst programme good for you?

· Over 20 years of experience with the highest proven success rates in egg donation or sperm donation treatments.
· Less attempts, Less worries, better results.
· It’s the most honest way for you to save time and money on your treatment.
· More value and peace of mind for our patients.

Who is this technique for?

· Women with poor quality gametes (Over-45’s, occult ovarian failure, previous IVF cycles without success, frequent miscarriage).
· Women without their own eggs (patients going through menopause, either naturally or due to surgical treatments, women being treated for tumors, etc.)
· Hereditary disease transmission risk.

78,1% birth rate per cycle

Benefits of Fertilab

First free appointment

Our first appointment is free so that we can appraise your situation and find the most appropriate option for your case.

Choose your gynecologist and nurse

In our center your gynecologist and your nurse will continuously monitor your process to fully keep abreast of your case.

Fixed budget

Our philosophy is based on mutual trust, so we guarantee that the price of treatment will always be the same from beginning to end.

No waiting lists

Get in touch with us and we’ll give you an appointment straight away so you can start your treatment as soon as possible.

Steps to follow

Endometrial preparation. Preparation of the endometrium to implant the embryo (blastocyst).

IVF Laboratory. Selected blastocysts thawing and transfer set up.

Blastocysts transfer to the maternal uterus.*
* Embryo culture with Embryoscope+.

Guaranteed Blastocysts program
(Egg donation)


  • All medical visits/consulations and ecographies are included
  • Personal Patient Care Assistant
  • Egg donor selection
  • Egg bank (fresh eggs) (Fertibank)
  • Egg donor medication
  • In Vitro Fertilisation
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • EMBRYOSCOPE+ embryo culture and evaluation
  • Embryo culture up to blastocyst (D+5 D+6)
  • Embryo vitrification
  • Endometrial preparation (visits and ecographies)
  • IVF Lab fee
  • Embryos/Blastocyst thawing
  • Blastocyst criotransfer
  • Operating room fee
  • Time-lapse video of the beginning of your baby’s life

not included

  • Recipient’s drugs
  • Recipient’s Genetic Screening Tests
  • Sperm bank (if necessary)

% cumulative birth rate per cycle


Egg donation


IVF own eggs

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