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If you do not live in Spain, do not worry. We can take your case with a simple process in five steps.

How does it work?

  • 1

    Ask for your appointment

    If you want to start your trip with us, do not hesitate and ask for your appointment.

  • 2

    First visit

    We explain how the whole process will be and carry out the fertility study.

  • 3


    We coordinate the assisted reproduction treatment with your gynecologist.

  • 4

    Second visit

    We perform the treatment waiting for results.

  • 5

    Pregnancy test

    After the process, we perform a test to verify its success.


  • We organize your previous visit

    The organization of the previous visit should not be a concern for our patients. We prepare your visit to Barcelona by facilitating the selection of a suitable accommodation close to the clinic and managing the logistics Airport-Clinic-Hotel.

  • The same gynecologist always

    We assign a gynecologist to each patient, exclusively, who will perform the personal follow-up of all phases of the treatment, from the previous visit until the end of the process. On the other hand, patients will have the assistance and support of the nurse herself.

  • We guarantee 8 minimum ovules

    Few centers can guarantee it. In Fertilab we ensure a minimum of 8 ovules per cycle in order to optimize the quality of our treatments. Our commitment led us to guarantee, in 2011, an average of 10.5 ovules per cycle. Undoubtedly, a guarantee of quality and rigor of work well done.

  • Laboratory

    In Fertilab we are prepared to perform each and every one of the techniques of assisted reproduction. We put all our technological and scientific resources at the disposal of our patients.

  • Previous visit assistant

    We assist our patients during all visits, consultations and treatments to facilitate the absolute understanding of all topics related to the technique of assisted reproduction that suits the needs of patients.

  • Comprehensive follow-up

    At Fertilab we are committed to carrying out an exhaustive follow-up of the process of preparing assisted reproduction treatment in coordination with your specialist (manager-coordinator) of the country of origin. We propose a close relationship that allows us to take care of all the details.

  • Proven excellence

    Our IVF-RO cycles are always synchronous, always using fresh ovules. It is demonstrated that using previously vitrified ovules impoverishes the results.

Why Barcelona

Capital of Reproductive Medicine

Come to the pioneer city in assisted reproduction and make your dream come true

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