It complements and improves your treatment

What does it consist of?

Acupuncture optimizes fertility naturally. This technique helps the body to execute gynaecological processes on its own in the right way and in the right order.

Sometimes the body is blocked with regards to fertility. In these cases, IVF and acupuncture complement each other, working especially well together.

Hormone stimulation for in vitro is much more effective if previously the body is prepared and “unlocked” gynaecologically. When acupuncture is practised by a fertility specialist we get this unlocking.

Who is it for?

All women and couples who start a fertility process on Fertilab can benefit from emotional and psychological learning due to its nature as a support tool. On the other hand, this support, as a method of prevention and training, can also considerably improve well-being and quality of life.


Together we choose the simplest, physiological and effective way for you to have a healthy baby at home.

Are you interested in this treatment?

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