Egg donation Spain costs

Anyone looking for information on the cost of egg donation in Spain can be assured that the one we offer in our center is consistent with the quality and prestige that support us. In Fertilab we offer so we can control the whole process and always guarantee the best results. 9 out of 10 patients fulfill their dream with us as egg donation specialists.

We want to give our patients maximum confidence so that they feel in the best hands. The donation is an easy and fast procedure. Our team will give you all the information you need whether you are a donor or recipient. Because the prior information phase is key. We can give these data in the same country of origin of the patient, since many people travel from other parts of the world.

egg donation spain costs

We give you all the information about the cost of egg donation in Spain

In addition to giving full information about the price of the egg donation in Spain to our patients, we will interview the donor to explain all the details of the procedure. If everything is okay and you agree, we can proceed to formalize the consent document, something that the law requires. In Fertilab we make each donor a comprehensive medical and genetic check for free. Our gynecologists will do a cytology, a culture and a vaginal ultrasound to assess the ovaries and check that everything is fine.

The professionals of Fertilab will study the medical and family history of the possible donor and, with a blood test, will rule out infections and diseases. We will also do a psychological interview to verify that the woman is fully aware of what embryo donation means in Spain. We are also specialists in ovule vitrification. With this technique of ultrafast freezing of oocytes, part of the ovarian reserve of the woman is preserved.


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