Embryo donation Spain

When a woman chooses our embryo donation center in Spain it is probably because she knows our success rate. He knows that he will find himself in a professional environment and with the maximum guarantees. At Fertilab we assure every woman who shows interest in this procedure that it is easy and fast. Our medical team will be responsible for providing all the necessary information and resolving any doubts that may arise. Because in our clinic, in addition to offering a reasonable IVF cost in Barcelona, we strive to ensure that the patient receives all the necessary information before the procedure.

The first thing we will do is interview with the potential donor of oocytes to, among other things, delve into all the details of the procedure. After signing the embryo donation consent in Spain, something required by law, we will do a thorough medical and genetic check to verify that the egg donation will be made with all the guarantees. In Fertilab they are free trials. Our gynecologists will do a cytology, a culture and a vaginal ultrasound to assess the ovaries and check that everything is fine to proceed with the donation.

embryo donation spain

The best option for embryo donation in Spain

The professionals of Fertilab will study the medical and family history of the possible donor and, with a blood test, will rule out infections and diseases. In our center we do a much deeper study than required by law. This preliminary phase is always completed with a psychological interview to verify that the woman is fully aware of what she is going to do. The next thing is to start the hormonal stimulation treatment and practice a follicular puncture, a painless procedure, to check that the follicles are ripe for the extraction of ovules. This rigor in the steps makes us the first choice of so many people when looking for information about the IVF cost in Spain.


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