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For in vitro fertilization and other specialties we make use of the latest technology and the most advanced techniques in the field of assisted reproduction. We offer one of the best options regarding the IVF costs in Spain.

When a woman takes the step of traveling and coming, for example, to undergo an ovum donation treatment, it is normal that she seeks to go to a center that offers maximum guarantees. All our professionals will put their best in the service of each patient. A template formed in a field, that of assisted reproduction, which has evolved in an incredible way in recent times. One of the cornerstones of our egg donation clinic in Barcelona is the constant renewal of knowledge. We are always aware of the advances that may occur and the new techniques we can offer our patients.

Find out about the IVF cost in Spain

In vitro fertilization allows a woman with problems to conceive to live a pregnancy and give birth to her child thanks to the generosity of another. If this is your case, if you want to donate, in Fertilab you can submit to this medical procedure. You can donate your oocytes after going through a series of tests that corroborate that you meet all the medical and legal requirements.

The law that regulates the egg donation IVF in Spain is the Law 14/2006, of May 26, on techniques of assisted human reproduction. The donor must be over 18 years old, healthy and full capacity to act, not suffer from genetic hereditary or infectious diseases and have not had more than six children. Your generosity will allow another woman or couple to have a child if, after analyzing the IVF cost in Spain, they choose this option.


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