Oocyte Vitrification

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The vitrification of ovules is a technique of ultrafast freezing of oocytes that allows to preserve part of the ovarian reserve of the woman, to be a mother in the vital moment that the woman considers more adequate and thus be able to count on the ovules of the highest quality.

When is it indicated?

  • This technique was initially proposed as an option for the preservation of fertility in those women who saw their ovarian reserve compromised in oncological treatments or ovarian surgeries.

We recommend performing genetic tests to increase the effectiveness of the treatment


  • PersonalizationWe believe that each case is unique, and therefore we always assign the same gynecologist throughout the process to establish a relationship of trust with patients.
  • ResultsOf every 10 patients who come to Fertilab, 9 have achieved their goal: a healthy child at home. We have been creating families for more than 20 years.
  • Embryoscope+Our non-invasive embryo incubation system allows us to visualize its evolution in real time without being manipulated, from fertilization to its transfer.
  • Artisan MedicineWe are craftsmen In Fertilab we do not have rigid protocols, all are particularly adapted to the medical needs and preferences of each person.

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