Egg Donor IVF Spain

Our clinic specialized in egg donation IVF in Spain has become the first option of many people who choose this option to fulfill the purpose of having a child.

We have a team of specialists with a long history that will attend each case in a personalized way. This, added to the most modern equipment, means that we can guarantee the best results with fewer attempts.
donor egg ivf spain

Pioneers in egg donation IVF in Spain

Our clinic has a long history in the field of egg donation and occupies a prominent place for several reasons such as the quality of care we provide to our patients. An attention that stands out for its personalization with the mind set to make a tight diagnosis and ensure the success of the treatment. In fact, we are backed by a success rate above the national average. We achieved 75% pregnancy rates with blastocyst transfer in a single attempt. This presentation letter is what attracts people from inside and outside our borders to our center. Both to undergo a fertility treatment and to egg donation IVF in Spain altruistically.

Both in in vitro fertilization and in the rest of the techniques in which we are specialists we make use of the latest technology and the most advanced techniques in the field of assisted reproduction. We offer all our professional experience and the most cutting-edge technology. In addition, the cost of egg donation in Spain is adjusted to the quality of the service we offer and the success rate that guarantees our center. We are pioneers in the implantation of Embryoscope + in Barcelona, ​​the best incubator in the world. We also have sperm and egg bank.


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