A future option

Egg vitrification is a technique of quick freezing of oocytes that preserves part of the ovarian reserve of women, motherhood in the vital moment that she sees fit so you can have the highest quality own eggs.

This technique was proposed, from the beginning as an option for fertility preservation in women who saw their ovarian reserve compromised in cancer treatment or surgery of ovaries.

Choose the best time to be a mother with maximum guarantees

In recent years it is imposing a new no medical indication for women who, for social reasons, want to postpone motherhood. The most fertile period of the woman usually coincides with the formative period in the career, the lack of economic stability or lack of partner with whom to build a family.

The female fertility is compromised after 35 years. Vitrified eggs, before reaching the threshold of 35 years, is a good option for preserving fertility options without the inconvenience of the effect that the age has on the quantity and quality of eggs.

It has been confirmed that the pregnancy rate with vitrified eggs is very similar to the rate resulting from the use of fresh eggs in assisted reproduction treatments.

We recommend it to women who must undergo radiation and chemotherapy process technique.

Egg vitrification is a technique guaranteed and approved by European and American medical societies.



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