Fertilab Barcelona launches new guaranteed pregnancy plan with one of the most affordable prices in assisted reproduction

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The Barcelona-based clinic has created a guaranteed pregnancy plan to complement its treatments with guaranteed blastocysts for patients undergoing IVF treatments.

Dr Federica Moffa, Medical Director of Fertilab Barcelona, underlines the clinic’s desire to provide the patient with more guarantees of success and less uncertainty: “We want our patients to forget about any worries and simply enjoy the path to their dream, without any stress or financial concerns about the cost of each treatment. What’s more, if we don’t achieve the goal, we’ll refund the money”.

The Baby Ferti plan costs €18,900 and is made up of three complete egg donation cycles, with all transfers of derived embryos included. All treatments will include Embryoscope + technology and blastocyst culture (day +5) of the embryos, as well as the donor sperm bank, if required. With this plan, which covers all treatments for up to twenty-four months, the clinic guarantees the patient’s pregnancy up to week 24. If not, it will refund the money paid (70%).

One of the most attractive points, in keeping with the fertility clinic’s philosophy, is that patients can give up the plan without any financial penalty. “Patients are free to leave the plan at any time, without penalties. We don’t want them to feel tied to a contract, so they’ll get their money back. This is an exercise in honesty in line with our philosophy”, explains Dr Moffa.

Fertilab Barcelona has one of the gamete banks (semen and ovules) with the most guarantees of biological, genetic and medical quality in Europe, so egg donors are highly likely to be taking home a healthy baby after undertaking the Baby Ferti plan.

In words of the Medical Director of Fertilab Barcelona, “it’s very important for patients to know that we have one of the best egg and sperm banks in Spain, as well as one of the best-rated tailored treatment protocols in the whole of Europe. At Fertilab Barcelona, each patient has the same medical team (doctor and personal medical coordinator) from beginning to end”.

 Fertilab Barcelona is a clinic specialised in assisted reproduction that since 1996 has been fulfilling the dreams of women and couples from all over the world in Barcelona, the leading city in advanced reproductive medicine and fertility treatments in Europe.



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