It is useful in the following cases:
Prevention should apply assisted reproduction treatment:
If there is evidence pointing to the existence of difficulties in obtaining sperm because of ejaculation difficulty the day of the technique.
Bound in the absence of the same day technique.
After obtaining sperm from testicular tissue.
Prevention of secondary infertility in oncological diseases or chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
Prevention contraception if Vasectomy.

Prevention should perform assisted reproduction treatment

The freezing of sperm is indicated in the following cases:

• If there are signs pointing to a maximum difficulty in obtaining sperm due to difficulties in ejaculation.
• In the absence of man the day of the performance of the technique.

After obtaining sperm from testicular tissue in cases where they do not appear in the ejaculate. In these cases we obtain by surgical sperm retrieval techniques.

Prevention of secondary infertility in oncological diseases or chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

As they advance knowledge in the field of reproduction and freezing of gametes, has managed to develop comprehensive programs in the prevention of secondary infertility in oncological diseases and treatments derived from them.
The freezing of sperm at the time of diagnosis of certain systemic diseases and cancer has a special interest. Based on these conditions (and therefore the practice of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy) may be transient or permanent depletion of spermatogenesis and even impaired ejaculation causing the loss of fertile ability of man.
The protocol action Fertilab offer a clinical prognosis of fertility and regular monitoring of reproductive and sexual function. We work closely with our team of oncology patients.

Prevention contraception by vasectomy

Prior to contraception Vasectomy is good to contemplate the possibility of freezing a semen sample. We should note that between 2 and 4% of men who become vasectomy want to return to parent.


Vasectomy is one of the contraceptive methods you can choose a partner who does not want children. It is a common option, very simple, safe and reversible.

Vasectomy is a contraceptive method that involves blocking and cutting the vas deferens preclude the presence of sperm in the ejaculate. It is an option that is usually chosen for its simplicity, its contraceptive safety and absence of side effects.

We can say that vasectomy is virtually 100% reversible. The testicles do not stop producing sperm, so in case to desire to be fertile again, it is possible to redirect vas using microsurgery (vasovasostomy) or making a microsurgical testicular sperm for use in assisted reproduction techniques.

In Fertilab, we performed percutaneous transdermal vasectomy anesthesia without requiring any stitch.


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