Artificial insemination is the simplest technique of assisted reproduction.Is the introduction of sperm into the uterus at the time of ovulation. It can be performed with sperm from the couple (IAC) or from sperm bank (IAD).

Artificial Insemination | Sperm couple

Artificial insemination is the simplest technique of assisted reproduction. Is the introduction of sperm into the uterus at the time of ovulation. Therefore, egg fertilization occurs within the fallopian tube, “in vivo” fertilization unlike “in vitro” that occurs in the laboratory.

Can be done with spontaneous ovulatory cycle or with a slight stimulation using low doses of hormones (FSH), always under surveillance gynecologist.

The pregnancy rates per cycle of insemination were ranging between 15-20%. It depends on many factors including the age of the woman, the number of mature follicles, the integrity of both tubes, semen quality…

Usually it is recommended that 3-4 cycles of insemination (3-4 months of treatment) and if there is no pregnancy, must consider other assisted reproduction.

Artificial Insemination | Sperm donor (IAD)

The procedure is very similar to that performed in the IAC. It has to resort to sperm bank when there is no possibility of getting motile sperm or ejaculate or testicular biopsy and when there is no male partner.

Artificial insemination with sperm bank (IAD) can be performed in spontaneous cycle, especially indicated if the patient is young because it decreases to maximize the chance of multiple pregnancy; or in stimulated cycle (with gonadotrophins administered subcutaneously). The indication of one or another type of cycle is to be individualized in each case, depending on age, ovarian reserve, the integrity of the tubes, the number of cycles previously made and whether the patient accepts the risk of multiple pregnancy.


The pregnancy rate ranges between 25-30% per cycle.


The main difference with the IAC is to use donor sperm. This necessitates the use previously frozen and stored in our sperm bank sperm. Therefore, the method of sample preparation inseminated will be slightly different to the preparation of fresh semen.

In Fertilab we own Semen Bank. This allows us to directly control the results and keep a tight monitoring of our donors. In addition to the tests required by law, in our bank conducted additional tests (mature sperm chromatin, DNA fragmentation, studying cystic fibrosis …) in order to guarantee our patients the best sperm quality and high biosafety.

In Fertilab the criteria used for the selection of donors is as follows:

In the case of a heterosexual couple donor selection ensuring phenotypic and blood group compatibility with the couple performed.

In cases of women without a male partner donor selection ensuring both phenotypic and blood group compatibility with the patient herself or her immediate family is done.


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