Magnetic separation columns sperm annexin

The presence of a large amount of sperm with altered plasma membrane and fragmented DNA has a negative impact on natural fertility and also on the results of assisted reproduction. For this reason, having an effective method capable of selecting a population of healthy sperm molecular filter, is a new revolution in fertility treatments. This selection can get through technical: sperm magnetic separation columns annexin V (MACS).

Sperm that have begun the process of apoptosis (aging that leads to programmed cell death), having altered plasma membrane exposed phosphatidylserine (a phospholipid found in the cytoplasm). Phosphatidylserine is capable of specifically binding to annexin protein V. If we incubated sperm with annexin V, which we have previously attached small metal spheres, will result in the membrane of the sperm that have begun, the process of apoptosis will stick the Proteins bound to the metal spheres.

In the next step, we spent the semen sample by a magnetic field, causing the sperm with metal in their membrane still adhere to the magnet. Moreover, healthy sperm pass and were free. Thus, we can effectively separate the sperm that have begun the process of apoptosis and those with fragmented DNA, which are completely healthy.

Using a non-apoptotic sperm population with intact membranes and non fragmented DNA, can optimize the results of assisted reproduction techniques and becomes an effective therapeutic alternative in cases where there is a failure of fertilization, low embryo quality, repeated miscarriages and unexplained infertility.


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