Few assisted reproduction centers that have experience and standardized protocols to meet foreigners or non-resident patients in the same city in which the center itself is located. Fertilab International has prepared protocols to coordinate the distance of assisted reproduction treatments, using new communication technologies, managing travel and accommodation effectively and offering support and advices for the couples by professional experts.

Fertilab International wants to help people seeking European dream of parenthood. It is very important for us to acquire the commitment to work to realize this dream. For this reason, we have a team of professionals who devote all their hard work in hosting and accompany throughout the process, patients who rely on Fertilab and decide to travel to Barcelona.

As that the application of assisted reproduction treatment should always be performed in the facility, Fertilab in Barcelona, much of the preliminary study and hormone preparation of the woman can develop effectively in the city or area residence of origin of the patient. This phase of the process is coordinated by a gynecologist in the place of origin (manager-coordinator) who is in constant contact with our Fertilab center.

In Fertilab International believe it is important to support our patients from the outset. Establishing a relationship of trust and customize each event are key values Fertilab. Therefore, from the outset, we make a joint assessment of your situation in collaboration with a specialist assigned either by telephone or email, depending on the needs and circumstances of each patient.

A commitment to quality

We organize the visit prior (airport-hotel-clinical)

The organization of the previous visit should not be a concern for our patients. Prepare your visit to Barcelona facilitating the selection of a suitable accommodation close to the clinic and managing the Airport-Clinic-Hotel logistics.

Assistance translator (with interpreter)

We assist our patients during all visits, consultations and treatments to facilitate full understanding of all the issues related to assisted reproduction technique that suits the need of patients (pattern-controls-medication-analytical-budgets). Good communication is essential to achieve therapeutic success.

The same gynecologist throughout treatment

We assign each patient a female gynecologist, exclusively, to perform personal monitoring all phases of treatment, since the previous visit until the end of the process. Moreover, patients engage the assistance and support of the same nurse. It is important to establish a relationship of trust effectively and efficiently to ensure the best conditions for success.

Comprehensive monitoring during the preparation

After the previous visit and patients return to their country of residence, we are committed to accurately track the process of preparation of assisted reproduction treatment in coordination with your specialist (manager-coordinator) in the country of origin. We propose a close relationship that allows us to take care of all the details and questions during this period. Fertilab has direct line 7 days a week.

We guarantee a minimum of 8 eggs in IVF cycles-RO

Few centers can guarantee it. In Fertilab ensure a minimum of 8 eggs per cycle in order to optimize the quality of our treatments. Our commitment led us to ensure, by 2011, an average of 10.5 eggs per cycle. Certainly a guarantee of quality and thoroughness of work well done.

We seek excellence in the application of our techniques

Our cycles of IVF-RO are always synchronous, always using fresh eggs. It is shown that using previously vitrified eggs poorer results.


In Fertilab we are prepared to make every one of the techniques of assisted reproduction (egg donation, sperm donation, embryo adoption, PGD, embryo vitrification …). We can ensure the implementation of the most appropriate technique for each case. We put all our available technological and scientific resources of our patients.


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